It wasn’t nature that created straight floorboards, it was the limitations of technology. Curved flooring allows a return to a natural state, floors as nature intended.

Curved flooring meets the true definition of unique, each floorboard is as individual as the tree it came from. No two Curved floors are alike. Each Curved flooring is tailor made according to customer’s request and laid down at least two times before shipping to ensure the highest quality and a perfect match.

Curved Floors

American Walnut


For special orders production can accommodate up to 6,000 mm lengths and up to 450 mm in width for one board. When circumstances require, engineered Curved floors can be produced in special thicknesses 13,4 mm and 19,4 mm.

The technical specification of the product conforms with the requirements and contains the product compliance description pursuant to the EN 14342:2005+A1:2008 standard.

Curved floors hereby confirm that the floorboards comply with the 89/106/EEC Directive for Construction Products.

Thermal transmittance: 0,15-0,17 ƛ (W/mK)
Fire resistance class: C -s1
Formaldehyde emission: E1


Unfinished parquet should be lightly sanded with 120 grit paper after installation for better oil or lacquer performance. Factory finishing with natural hard wax oil or stained hard wax oil upon request. Curved floors are strongly recommended to be installed glued down. All Curved floors products have tongue and groove on all four sides.