With a Topwood floor, beauty isn't skin deep

First class quality flows right through.

The pleasure of having natural wood underfoot hides the true strengths of Topwood floors.
We may have been the first to thoroughly research the latest scientific advances in floor construction, delivering into all aspects of the processes involved to create exquisite flooring that holds its good looks.
We investigated construction methods and technology providers from around the world to identify the best of the best.

oak floor Layer constraction

Partnering with the best in the industry

  • Machinery system: A Germany company, HOMAG Gmbh, we selected, is an international market leader and sought-after specialist in the fields of sizing and edge banding of woodworking.
  • Coating solution: Treffert Coatings GmbH, develops, manufactures, and specializes high performance 100% solids UV curable, and water-based air or force dried coatings for the hardwood
  • Adhesive: the leading global provider of adhesives and surface solutions
  • Finishing system: Taiwanese company, Fengchaou Machinery Co., specializing in surface finishing system.

Throughout this process, our floors are building on leading construction technologies.


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