We care about wood, so we care about sustainability

The FSC is the international centre that sustains the link between forest management and customers around the world.

The FSC label represents standards that ensure the highest social and environmental benefits, including protecting indigenous people's rights, worker safety, forest biodiversity and endangered species.

The FSC enables all sectors of society to enjoy the ongoing, long term benefits of responsibly managed forests.Topwood's FSC certification demonstrates the company's status as a Green wood provider, that is , the wood we are using is farmed on a sustainable basis.

While our premium flooring incorporates leading construction technologies, we have ensured that the products we use are eco-friendly and have checked that both we and our providers follow sustainable and environmentally approved procedures.

FSC orange 500


Packaging efficiencies

We care about wood and we care about environment too.

Reducing the amount of packaging we use is a very effective on our environment. So Pure Floors use minimal packaging made from 100% recycled materials.

By using recycled packaging we can recover some of the energy used to create cardboards.







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