Advantages of Topwood Floors

Advantages of Topwood® Engineered Floors

Topwood® engineered wood floors are comprised of several plywood layers adhered under high pressure. This method of construction creates wooden flooring which boasts a higher strength and durability compared to solid material whilst retaining the same aesthetics as the solid variety.

Most solid timber flooring have a tendency to shrink as well as expand. This happens because of humidity changes, changing temperature as well as moisture in the subfloor. Topwood® Engineered Floors can prevent such problems form occurring.

Topwood® floor Vs Solid wood floor

Solid wood flooring is produced from solid natural wood species. The primary advantage of the system is good sanding and refinishing capabilities. The product typically is more pleasing aesthetically as they have natural look.

Topwood® Engineered timber is not of full solid timber but created from multiple layers of veneered lumber boned together with an adhesive. The top layer is genuine timber and the engineered components underneath make the flooring more stable. The flooring is available in many timber types and colors and generally comes with prefinished form.





A solid timber 19mm thick board has a wear layer of 6mm. If you sand beyond the 6mm wear layer you will expose the tongue and groove as well as the nails used to secure the flooring. Topwood® Floors with a wear layer of 6 mm usually can be sanded and refinished 5-7 times. This will last a lifetime.